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Welcome to the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Cascades Chapter

 We are not a Motorcycle Club or a 1% Club. We are a social organization that believes Boobs and Brotherhood are two very important parts of life. We have our own families, jobs, and lives that we deal with outside of the organization. What really makes the BOOBs organization so good is that we are not a 1% club nor are we a MC club as stated earlier, just a bunch of pals who enjoy riding, drinking, and looking at BOOBs. 

If you are interested in joining, come to a meeting and see what we are all about. While we do not require new members to "prospect", we do require that you "hang around" for a couple months or more. Let us get to know you, and you to know us. In order to be patched in, we require a 100% yes vote from the entire chapter.

Always Remember the B.O.O.B.S Principles

1. Fun!

2. Respect to all riders in the wind!

3. Promote Brotherhood, Sisterhood, & Camaraderie!

4. True Belief In Old School Traditions & 21st Century Biker values Including Family!

5. Promote Diversity In Bikes & Members!

6. Support The Biker Community!

7. Promote Goodwill By Serving Our Communities!

8. Promote Safety By Example!

9. Share Our Love For Being In The Wind!

10. Strive Toward A Better Biker Image!


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